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Terms and Conditions

Individuals who register on our site will be referred to as "users", and individuals who register on our site and subscribe to our music service will be referred to as "subscribers" in the following terms and conditions.

Time Zone
All times which are recorded or displayed are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Fees and Other Charges
Integrity Search provides Bible teaching and news fees at no charge for the user. Subscription cost to our music service varies, dependant on the term length of subscription.

Age Requirements
Subscribers must be at least 18 years of age, without the consent of a legal guardian.

Integrity Search holds the copyright for all content, including web design, text, and images, with the following exceptions:
(1)Berean Bible Fellowship holds the copyright of their content, including audio media, and respective titles and images;
(2)Copyrights for social media belong to respective news associations, groups, and social media entities.

Loss of Information
Integrity Search takes measures to help protect the information provided by users and subscribers, but holds no liability for restoring said information in the event of loss of information.

Integrity Search reserves the right to cancel the registration of users or subscribers at any time, for any reason.

Site Changes
Integrity Search reserves the right to make changes to the design, features, functions, or any other changes to the website, terms and conditions, and other items without notice. It is the responsibility of the user to stay up to date with current "User Terms and Conditions".

Email Notices
Integrity Search shall send no more than one email notice per month to its users or subscribers, with the exception of notices deemed by Integrity Search as being urgent.


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